Traffic between the countries of the Caribbean is largely provided by international airlines. However, the different territories belong to distinct legal areas. Thus, the different lines are readjusted according to the various international multi-lateral and commercial agreements. And within each territory, there are local transport companies (air and/or sea) which allow to circulate among theContinue reading “Visit”

Community activities

Different countries compete for creativity in the provision of community activities. We can say that you can sometimes be spoiled for choice. It’s up to you to organize your schedule, and optimize your travels. Here is a list of the most famous and recurring international events of the Greater and the Lesser Antilles. International Caribbean festivalsContinue reading “Community activities”


In general, all types of accommodation are offered to you. Depending on where you come from, think about the electrical standards, for example, between the francophone countries and the English-speaking countries. Thanks to our website you can already have indications and access directly to adresses listed by local tourist offices, by country or by community: Click onContinue reading “Accommodations”

Study tour

For your study trips, we advise you to first of all inquire about the legal conditions of reception of the Caribbean island(s) country (or countries) chosen.


You are looking to validate knowledge and / or complement your skills through the experience of a field practice in a Caribbean island country.

Enrollment procedures

There are several international or regional universities in the Caribbean islands.

Register a trademark or patent

Nowadays, launching an activity (charitable, associative or entrepreuneuriale) can lead to a media exposure quickly oversized, thanks to or because of the Internet. It may be helpful to learn about the different ways to protect the brand that will be born from your project. The procedures are essentially the same, but generally speaking, if youContinue reading “Register a trademark or patent”


You want to import a product or export one. You want to offer your services in another country or community. You should first of all inquire about the terms and conditions defined for the import-export activity in your country or the country in which you want to carry out your activity. Thanks to our website youContinue reading “Import/Export”

Register your company

“OK, I’m ready to officially start my new business. I need to be in the right corridor and the right starting blocks.” But depending on whether you are a resident or a foreign investor, the steps may have specificities, depending on the country and their national development strategies. Thanks to our website you can alreadyContinue reading “Register your company”