Frequently Asked Questions

What is MOREAZ?

We are a centralized online information service about the islands which makes part of the Caribbean area, classified by countries and the representative collectivities that compose it.

What is the purpose of this website?

Our website was made to answer to the 4 following essential questions, concerning your projects in the Caribbean:

How to get there? / Where to sleep? / What to do? / How to proceed to …?

Who is this website for?

For residents, non-residents, originating or not from the Caribbean.

Is this a paid service?


But the specific and personalized services that you may be required to ask us via our contact form or our social network pages will be chargeable.

Where does your information come from?

We monitor local governments sources and certain non-governmental sources regularly. We carry out the same monitoring regarding private companies from their official online and offline public documents.

Is your information reliable?

Our online offer is the product of volunteer work. The use of our services does not cleanse you from the search for confirmation of the information provided with the official entities concerned and / or the official websites of the services you are looking for or to their official and respective administrative offices by country.

How to get back to the starting presentation of the maps?

If necessary, to return to the starting presentation of the maps, refresh the page.

How to navigate between pages and articles?

By clicking on tabs, menus items and tags. To return to previous pages, use the arrows on your browser.